Offshore Staffing

Welltech Infotech provides you this unique service where you can hire talented individuals from abroad to work for you. The best part of this service is that the resource comes to you at a pre determined cost and works dedicatedly to serve you. It is a highly cost-effective model, as you do not have to invest in office set up and other costs you pay for the individuals you want to work for you. We allow employers to choose the best resources that can add great value to our clients business.

Offshore IT staffing is a unique concept of making a virtual expansion of your business in a cost effective way. Offshore IT staffing gives you cost effective way to save more than 70%-80% when compared to traditional way of staffing. Be it a committed individual or team, you don't need to gone through the hassles of recruitment or any employee salaries, office space rent, machines expenses, office supplies, and other charges.

We can help you in offshore IT staffing , If you are want to hire IT staff for your offices in India, and thinking about cost issues all you have to do is utilize the services of offshore staff which we will provide you. If you want to save cost by hiring skilled individuals in India and want to work with we can help you in finding the best talents for your jobs and hire them for you, you don’t have to take the load of setting up a office in India and get overburdened by the costs. Our dedicated recruiters/sourcers will work for you at a predetermined cost and will get you the best results for your business.

Welltech’s team of skilled professionals will take full ownership of your projects and come up with all the necessary resources required for your projects. Our team will source and recruit the candidates after screening/interviewing them. We will also take care of salary negotiations as our team is familiar with expectations of Indian IT employees and the locations and other factors affecting such decisions.

We understand that setting up a office and hiring resource from abroad is tough this is where we come in picture, you can opt for any of our services we offer. You can hire or Recruiters, Sourcers or BDM’s and have them work as your employees to serve your requirements. The best part is that they come to you at a predetermined cost so you don’t have to worry about other office expenses. You can opt for any model which we provide like you can hire Recruiters, Sourcers or BDM’s for your specific clients or requirements on Fixed cost basis where the cost for the individual is predetermined and he works with you directly to serve your requirements and we monitor that you get the best results, or like some clients who choose to have dedicated employees for their work you too can choose to hire a team at a predetermined cost to work as your offshore department and manage them yourself and we oversee from here that you get the best results. Whichever model use we promise you to give you the best results.

Our team will work as a offshore branch in India for you and you will be able to reduce costs as office space, infrastructure, and salaries are all much lower in India. We are aware of the diverse needs of our clients and offer a range of outsourcing solutions which will help you in getting the best results.

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